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How to Get an Exploded Diaper Out of a Washer

Kathryn Hatter

Accidentally washing a disposable diaper in the washing machine will result in an upsetting surprise when you open the lid of your washer. You expect to find clean and fresh-smelling clothes, but instead you find shrapnel from the absorbent layers of the diaper as it disintegrated during the wash cycle.

Don't let that diaper explode in the washing machine.

Get an exploded diaper out of a washer with a careful and thorough cleaning process.

  1. Put on a pair of vinyl gloves then remove the wet clothing from the washing machine and place the items in a laundry basket. You will find small pieces of gel from the exploded diaper covering the clothing.

  2. Scoop out the remnants of the exploded diaper from the washing machine. Remove the gel pieces from the inside of the washer and put them in a bucket. Make sure that you remove every piece of the disposable diaper from the washtub.

  3. Fill the bleach dispenser of your washing machine or pour 1/2-cup of chlorine bleach into the washtub. Set the water temperature to hot and start a wash cycle. Add an extra rinse cycle to the wash cycle if possible. Wait for the washing machine to progress through the entire cycle.

  4. Open the washer and examine the tub. If you see additional pieces of gel from the diaper, remove them by hand.

  5. Add additional bleach and repeat the wash cycle if you found a significant amount of gel pieces after running the first cycle.

  6. Shake out the clothing items you washed with the diaper outside. Shake each item vigorously to remove as much gel as you can from the clothing.

  7. Rewash the clothing in the washing machine as normal.

  8. Warning

    If the diaper contained feces, the clothing will contain feces as well. In this situation, you should consider bleaching the clothing if possible. If the clothing is not chlorine bleach-safe, use an oxygen bleach alternative to disinfect the clothing.