How to Decorate a Wagon as a Cinderella Coach

Yes, you can go to the ball, and you don't need a fairy godmother to get you there. Rather than relying on a pair of singing mice and a magical pumpkin, think about converting an existing wooden kid's wagon into a carriage.

Cinderella needs her carriage to take her to the ball.

All you need is a touch of new paint and some simple woodworking skills to make this a fairytale carriage -- just make sure you get it home before midnight!

  1. Draw some wavy, wing-like shapes onto the plywood. These panels will be affixed to the side of the cart. Make them about half as long as the wagon. Cut these shapes out with the jigsaw.

  2. Draw extra shapes, such as hearts, stars and feathers on these panels. Do not make them much smaller than your palm. Cut these shapes out with the jigsaw.

  3. Position the panels against the sides of the wagon. Smear glue along the points where the panels will make contact with the wagon. Hold them in place with clamps. Use small scraps of wood between the panel and the clamp, to avoid leaving unsightly indentations.

  4. Remove the clamps, once the glue is dry. This may take a few hours. Screw through the plywood shape into the wagon's side. Put one deck screw at each corner and make sure that the points are deep in the wood, rather than sticking out into the wagon.

  5. Paint the wood with white paint, making sure you get paint into all the gaps. Allow the paint to dry. When it is half-dry and still a bit tacky, shake glitter over the carriage.

  6. Tie silver tinsel through the holes you cut in the side panels. Deck out the bottom of the carriage with velvet cushions.