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How to Get Caramel Off the Couch?

Amanda Flanigan

Caramel is a delicious and sugary substance used in various treats, and it features a sweet, rich flavor. The golden-brown caramel can leave troublesome stains if it comes in contact with your couch.

Caramel comes in both liquid and solid form.

In you do not remove the caramel in a timely manner, the stains will turn into permanent discolorations, making the couch appear dingy. However, with the proper implements and quick action, you can remove the caramel and restore the look of your couch.

  1. Remove excess caramel off the couch by scraping it gently with the blunt side of the butter knife.

  2. Add several drops of dry-cleaning solvent to a cloth. Blot the caramel stain for several seconds. Continue if the caramel discoloration remains.

  3. Sponge the caramel with a cloth dampened in water until you have saturated the sticky substance.

  4. Mix 1 tablespoon of clear, nonsudsy ammonia with 2 cups of cold water. Moisten a clean, white cloth in the diluted ammonia mixture.

  5. Blot the caramel stain with the damp cloth until the discoloration is no longer visible.

  6. Sponge the couch with a clean cloth moistened in cold water to remove the ammonia mixture from the fabric. Pat the couch dry with a clean towel.