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Removing Dry Cement Powder From Clothes

Charlotte Johnson

If you handle cement as a part of a special home project or as a part of daily job, you might collect cement dust on your clothes. This dust can irritate your eyes and respiratory system and cause your clothing to look dirty and dingy.

Cement is used on a variety of surfaces such as roads, sidewalks and buildings.

Remove dry cement powder from your clothes by using a simple cleaning process that will remove the dust and any lingering odors.

  1. Take the clothing items outdoors to a well-ventilated area. Put on a mask to prevent inhalation of the dust. Wear protective eyewear, as well.

  2. Shake out clothing to remove excess dust.

  3. Vacuum the clothing, using a vacuum-cleaner brush attachment.

  4. Place the clothing in a container holding equal parts warm water and white vinegar. Allow the clothing to soak for one hour. The vinegar will help to clean the fabric and deodorize it.

  5. Launder the clothing as you normally would, following the directions on the garment label.