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How to Glue River Rock to a Wall

Kelly Sundstrom

Painting your walls using plain, flat paint or wallpaper sometimes causes a room to appear uninteresting. One solution is to glue natural materials onto the walls to create a wall with texture. For example, glue smooth, flat river rocks onto a wall.

Create a river rock wall using basic home improvement supplies.

Instead of using craft or industrial glue to attach the river rocks to the wall, adhere the rocks by using grout. Grout solidly and firmly attaches rocks and stone to drywall.

  1. Sand the wall you want to decorate with a sanding buffer with an attached medium-grain sanding ring. This make the wall more evenly textured and removes old paint and roughness.

  2. Vacuum the entire wall and floor using a shop vacuum to remove any debris and dust caused by the sanding.

  3. Spread a 3-inch thick layer of medium grout over the entire wall using a trowel. Apply the grout in an even layer.

  4. Press flat river rocks halfway into the grout-covered wall. Select river rocks that are all approximately 2 inches thick. Space each rock 1/2 inch apart. The grout will squeeze out between the rocks.

  5. Scrape the trowel across the river rock-covered wall, which spreads the squeezed out grout over the tops of the rocks to fill in any empty spots.

  6. Wipe off the front of each rock using a washcloth, then allow the river rock wall to air dry for 24 hours.

  7. Paint a layer of clear sealant over the river rock wall using a 3-inch flat paintbrush, then allow the wall to dry for 12 hours.

  8. Tip

    Select different shades of river rocks to create a more variegated wall.


    Keep sanding buffers away from children.