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How to Rock an Interior Wall

Keith Allen

A stone interior wall produces a rustic look and ambiance in any home. Interior stone or rock walls can also incorporate fixtures such as fireplaces and shelves. Most builders use stone veneers to accomplish the rock wall look. The veneer stones are cast usually of natural materials in forms shaped from natural stone. The advantage of veneer stones is the flat backs that allows for installation to the wall.

Stone interior walls offer a rustic and permanent look.
  1. Prepare the wall by covering the insulation and studs with plywood or drywall. These materials serve as the flat surface to which the wall is attached. Cover the wall with a tarpaper vapor barrier before attaching 2 1/2 pound galvanized metal lath. Use 1 1/2 galvanized roofing nails, nailed every 6 inches into the wall studs, to hold the lath in place.

  2. Mix a mortar according to manufacturer's instructions. Premixed mortars that include the sand and Portland cement are commonly used. Mix with water to produce a sticky cement mix. Add colors to the mortar, if desired, to change the mortar colors.

  3. Work from the bottom of the wall to the top one stone at a time. Apply several 1 1/2-inch round dollops of mortar to the back of the veneer stone and press it into the metal lath, holding it in place for at least 10 seconds. If the excess mortar squeezed out from behind the stone and drips onto lower stones, you are using too much mortar.

  4. Apply mortar between the stones, using a grout bag. Work the mortar into the gaps, using pointed tools. Avoid excess mortar that may drop onto lower stones and discolor them. Produce a fine finish to the mortar joints by brushing with a stiff paintbrush.