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Can You Use a Small Steam Cleaner for Ceilings?

Julie Christensen

Ceilings are usually forgotten when it comes to cleaning, but they may be exposed to as much grime, dirt and germs as other hard surfaces in the home. Cleaning them is usually difficult because of lack of access or rough ceiling materials that can't be wiped -- but a steam cleaner can simplify the job.

Avoid light fixtures when steam cleaning ceilings.


Steam cleaning ceilings removes dirt, germs and grease with little effort and no cleaning chemicals. Simply run the steamer wand along the ceiling, wiping it dry afterward. The steam vaporizes dirt and germs. The hand held wand of a steam cleaner makes it easy to access the ceiling for cleaning, as well.

Ceiling Types

Flat ceilings, painted with a glossy enamel paint, such as those found in kitchens and bathrooms are the easiest to clean. Ceilings with popcorn texture may become damaged if allowed to get wet. Removing the dust from these craggy ceilings may be difficult, as well.


The size and power of your steam cleaner will influence how effectively it cleans the ceiling. A small hand-held cleaner may work, but you'll have to stand on a ladder to reach the ceiling. Ensure that water doesn't leak from the hot water chamber if you turn the cleaner upside down to reach crevices and corners.


The owner's manual for your steam cleaner can provide helpful safety tips about cleaning ceilings and other hard surfaces, as well as the use of cleaning chemicals. Any ladder used must be stable and properly secured.