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How to Fix Seam Separations in Glueless, Snap-Together Laminate Wood Flooring

Shara JJ Cooper

Laminate flooring has many perks, but it can take some time to fix when it is flawed or doesn't function properly. Laminate flooring seams can come unlocked if the flooring is flawed or damaged. Prevent seam separations by inspecting each board for signs of weakness as you install it.

Install laminate flooring correctly the first time.
  1. Remove the baseboard trim so you can access the laminate flooring. Use a crowbar to pull the trim away from the wall.

  2. Pull up the laminate boards until you reach the problem area. Lift each board up, and pull it away to unlock it.

  3. Pull apart the section that keeps coming apart.

  4. Examine each board in the problem area for breaks, flaws and dirt that can interfere with the locking system. Boards can also become warped due to extreme conditions, such as excessive moisture.

  5. Vacuum the boards, board edges and flooring to remove any dirt that can cause problems.

  6. Glue any broken pieces that are fixable using laminate glue. Allow the glue to cure completely before reassembling the floor, or the pieces will stick together and won't unlock again. Apply glue in a thin line between the broken pieces so that when it expands, it doesn't spread over the edges.

  7. Replace any boards that are too flawed or broken to repair.

  8. Reassemble the flooring by pressing the boards together and down until they are all in place.

  9. Reattach the trim to the wall.