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How to Fix the Separation of Snap-together Flooring

Shara JJ Cooper

Snap-together flooring is an easy method of installing a floating floor system. This type of flooring requires no glue, as each piece locks together. If the flooring comes apart, it is easier to fix than other flooring because it snaps apart again.

Laminate flooring snaps together easily.

Flooring usually comes apart because one of the locking mechanisms is compromised, making all of the flooring unstable. You do not need a professional to help you troubleshoot your separating floor. Examine the floor yourself to determine the solution.

  1. Remove the baseboard trim from the wall closest to the problem area. Carefully wedge a crowbar behind the trim and pull it away from the wall. This gives you access to the flooring.

  2. Pull up the flooring pieces nearest the wall. Dismantle the flooring until you reach the problem area. Lift each piece up and pull it out to unlock each board.

  3. Examine the pieces in the problem area. Look for broken edges, pebbles or large pieces of dirt that would make the flooring separate.

  4. Repair any broken pieces by cleaning them or gluing them back together. Use a laminate or wood glue to fix them, depending on the flooring material. Apply a thin line of glue on any broken areas and press them together until it sets. Wipe up any excess glue from the edges. Replace any flooring pieces that can't be fixed.

  5. Vacuum the flooring pieces, surrounding floor and sub-floor underneath so you have a clean, smooth surface to work on.

  6. Reassemble the flooring in the same way that you took it apart. Attach the baseboard trim to the wall.