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How to Install a Two-Piece Shower

Tim Anderson

Two-piece showers are among the easiest to install, and they are also one of the most affordable on the market. Consequently, they are the most common type of showers used in the new homes being built at the time of publication.

Plastic showers are normally installed in two sections for the floor and walls.

Many homeowners can install these showers themselves, because no specialized skills are required. All that is needed is some basic carpentry knowledge, some spare time and access to simple carpentry tools.

  1. Place the shower pan section on the floor against the wall studs. Draw its outline on the floor with the pencil. Remove the pan. Mix some thinset mortar in the bucket with your drill and paddle attachment until you have a thick, creamy mixture. Spread this mortar onto the floor in your penciled outline with the notched trowel. Set the tub on top of the mortar, and screw the flanges to the wall studs. Let it dry for 24 hours.

  2. Install your wall panel section on top of the wall studs, overlapping the flanges for the shower pan. Apply construction adhesive to the wall studs all the way up the height of the shower wall panels. After the construction adhesive is in place, press the wall section of the shower against the wall so that it bonds with the adhesive on the studs.

  3. Cover the gap between the shower pan section and the wall sections with silicone caulking to prevent water seepage. Use your finger to work the caulk into the gap so that you completely fill it. Also smooth the caulking down with your finger so that it remains invisible. Let it dry for 72 hours before using the shower.

  4. Warning

    Wear safety glasses when mixing the thinset mortar.