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How to Install Glass Backsplash in Corners

Cadence Johansen

Glass tiles can transform a kitchen. Installing the tiles isn't especially difficult. Even smaller mosaic glass tiles are easy to install, thanks to a peel-away paper facing. But one of the more difficult parts of installing a glass tile backsplash is fitting the corner.

Glass tiles add shine and beauty to any kitchen backsplash.

You might be tempted to install the tiles all the way into the corner without leaving a space. This is not correct, because the tiles need a small amount of expansion room.

  1. Check the walls to ensure that the drywall is in good condition. Fix the drywall as necessary before installing the glass backsplash tiles.

  2. Lay out the glass mosaic tiles on the floor or countertop under the backsplash. Move the glass tiles around until you are happy with the layout. Mark a layout line on the wall. This layout line will be the beginning point for the tile installation. The layout line is usually in the center of the backsplash above the stove or sink. Use a level and pencil to create the line.

  3. Apply white latex-modified thinset mortar on the wall next to the layout line with a notched trowel. Spread the mortar in small amounts at a time so it does not dry out before you can install the tile.

  4. Starting at the bottom of the backsplash and working up the wall, install the glass tiles. After placing each tile sheet, put a wood block over the tiles and tap the block with a hammer. Tapping the block will even out the height of the individual tiles.

  5. Install the glass tiles until you reach the inside corner of the backsplash. When you reach the corner, butt the tile edges against the edges of the tiles on the adjoining wall. There should be a small space in the corner behind the tiles where the two walls meet. If the adjoining wall is not tiled, you can simply place a rubber tile spacer between the wall and the tiles. This will give you the expansion space. Wait for the mortar to dry for 24 hours.

  6. Remove the paper facing from the tiles. Get a sponge wet, and apply water to the paper facing until it easily peels away. If it isn’t peeling away easily, the paper isn’t wet enough.

  7. Grout the glass tiles with a grout float. Smash the grout into the tile joints, and then remove the excess with the float. Clean up the front of the tiles with a damp grout sponge. Wait for the grout to dry for 24 hours.

  8. Caulk the backsplash. Spread a bead of caulk down the corner. Spread the caulk with your finger. Carry a damp rag to wipe away accidental smudges on the tile as you go. Repeat with the bottom edge of the backsplash. Give the caulk 24 hours to dry.