Update Your Kid's Bike

Instead of casting away your kid's old bike grab a few cans of spray paint and breath new life into it for that special little boy or girl.

Superhero in motion

Your kid's bike can take a beating and can look less than lovely after a summer or two -- or maybe it's a hand-me-down that needs a face lift. A little spray paint and a few accessories can update it and make it feel brand-new. Your little superhero will be ready to show off the new ride faster than paint dries, and you certainly can't find this in stores.

Kid's bike and supplies

    Prep the Bike

  1. Wipe the surface of the bike down to make sure there is no dust and dirt. Use garbage bags and tape to cover the parts of the bike that you don't want to paint, such as the handles, wheels, seat and pedals. Spray paint one coat of primer made for metal surfaces.

  2. Cover with garbage bags and spray on primer

    Spray Paint the Accent Color

  3. Spray paint the areas of the bike that are going to be your accent color. One coat may work fine, but you can do two coats if you prefer.

  4. Spray areas with the gold paint

    Tape Off the Design

  5. After the accent color paint is dry, tape off the design you want, in this case, stripes.

  6. Tape off stripes

    Spray Paint the Main Color

  7. After the design is taped off, spray paint the bike with the main color.

  8. Tip

    Start painting with the bike upright, and then turn it upside down to reach the areas you may have missed.

    Spray with the red paint

    Prep and Prime the Basket

  9. While the bike is drying, start working on the basket or other accessories.

  10. Basket and supplies
  11. Tape off any areas of the basket that you do not want painted. Spray on the primer for plastic.

  12. Paint on primer

    Paint the Basket

  13. After the primer is dry to the touch, paint the basket with the main color and let it dry completely. Tape off a design on your basket and spray paint that area with the accent color. When the paint is almost dry, remove the tape.

  14. Tip

    If you remove the painter's tape before the paint is completely dry, you will get a more crisp line.

    Paint on red paint and let dry. Tape off area for gold paint. Paint on the gold paint

    Finish and Ride

  15. When the painting is complete, approximately 24 hours, remove all trash bags and tape. Attach the basket and any accessories.

  16. Enjoy as your little one shows off his updated superhero bike to all of his friends.

  17. After Make your kid's day! Coolest bike on the block