How to Stop a Crane From Swinging

James Stuart

Operating heavy machinery can be extremely dangerous if workers fail to take the proper precautions. If you're operating a crane, you must take the necessary steps to control and stop the crane from swinging. Knowing how to operate the machinery is necessary to prevent injury or property destruction.

How to Stop a Crane From Swinging

Although you can only master the skills necessary for this procedure with considerable experience and training, you can still educate yourself on the basics of controlling a crane's swing.

  1. Counteract the left-to-right swing by matching the swing using the throttle. To stop a crane from swinging, it's important to deal with each respective movement of the crane one at a time. Gradually pull the throttle in the opposite direction of the swing. Do not pull too hard or you risk making the swing worse.

  2. Pull the crane back slightly as it swings out to halt the crane as it swings in and out. You must once again ensure that you do not pull back on the throttle to strongly. By gradually counteracting this motion of the crane, you will stop the swinging.

  3. Raise and lower the boom to stop any additional swinging. Doing this repeatedly should stop the crane completely.

  4. Avoid pushing the throttle too strongly in any one direction to prevent the crane from swinging in the first place. Small movements of the throttle will often result in moderate crane swings that are easier to control.

  5. Purchase and instill a swing control unit. A few companies manufacture robotic units that minimize crane swing. You can attach these units to old and new cranes alike and program them to compensate for different degrees of swing.