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How to Install Cable Outlets in a Finished Wall

Cameron Easey

A cable outlet can be installed in a wall outlet to connect a television, DVR or digital cable box to television programming. Usually a cable outlet is installed prior to a wall being finished, but one can easily be added at a later time.

The only requirement is having the required cable already wired or easily accessible through the wall. Installing a cable outlet into a finished wall can be done by following a few steps to make sure the wall does not get damaged.

  1. Find a place on the wall for the outlet. A cable outlet is usually six inches or so from the floor but can be placed anywhere on a wall. Use a pencil to make a mark on the wall where a hole needs to be made for the outlet.

  2. Make sure there is no obstructions such as a stud where the outlet needs to go. Use a stud finder to make sure there are no studs that are going to cause a problem.

  3. Use a drill to make a small hole in the wall and cut out an opening for the outlet with a hacksaw blade. A hacksaw blade is small and easy to use to cut a hole in drywall.

  4. Make sure the cable has been wired and there is enough to use when installing the outlet. Run the cable through the wall or floor to the hole that was made in the wall.

  5. Run the cable through the outlet and place the outlet in the wall opening. Use a screwdriver to secure the outlet to the wall.

  6. Connect the cable to the face plate and secure the faceplate to the outlet. The face plate connector is a coupler that has been mounted to the face plate to give it a finished look. The faceplate should cover the opening that was used for the outlet.


Plastic wall anchors may be needed if the screws are going into just the drywall.


A hole that is cut too big in a wall will require patching with spackle.