How to Break In Stiff Leather Chairs

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Buying a leather chair is an exciting prospect until you get it home and find it stiff and uncomfortable to sit in for a long period. Breaking in the leather furniture is not time consuming, but it does take persistence.

Leather chairs become softer with regular use.

Leather conforms to the temperature of your body; thus, it is quite comforting when a room is too cold. It is durable and may last up to four times longer than other furniture coverings.


Leather furniture is a wise choice for someone who suffers from allergies. This is because the allergens cannot penetrate the leather as they do in other materials. This also applies to odors; they do not penetrate into the fibers as in other furniture coverings.

  1. Set the leather chair in a warm room and wait for it to thaw. Sometimes leather freezes or stiffens in cold temperatures. This is particularly true during transport in the winter months.

  2. Sit down in the leather chair and then get up again. Sometimes the leather isn't the problem; rather, the problem is the new, firm fiber and foam in the cushions.

  3. Repeat sitting down in the leather chair approximately 10 times to help break in the hard cushions. This loosens the cellular structure. Every time you sit in the leather chair makes it more comfortable; therefore, regular, everyday use is best.