How to Move a Sectional Couch

Oubria Tronshaw

Although sectional couches are larger and heavier than regular couches, they split apart easily so sections can be moved individually. Before moving your sectional couch, formulate a game plan.

When moving a sectional couch, lift with your knees.

Know your moving route so you can keep your footpath clear, as tripping over obstructions while carrying heavy furniture can cause serious injury. When setting up your sectional couch in its new location, decide if you want to keep the sectional together or if you want to set it up as separate couches.

  1. Prepare the couch by removing all pillows, cushions, throw covers and anything else that might fall off the couch during the move. Put these items in large plastic bags to preserve the fabric in transit. If the sectional couch folds out into a sleeper, secure the conversion mechanisms so the couch doesn't slide open during the move. Separate the sections of the couch apart, so each piece can be lifted and moved individually. Cover each section with a large piece of plastic or paint canvas to protect the fabric from tears, dirt and stains during the move. Secure the cover so it won't slide off.

  2. Measure the doorways each section must pass through to ensure adequate space. Use a tape measure to compare the size of the doorways with the length and width of each couch section. Revise your plans accordingly. For example, you might have to use a freight elevator instead of the main elevator, or you might have to move the couch through the back door instead of the front.

  3. Map your moving route. Remove all obstructions that movers might trip over. Familiarize movers with turns, steps, corners, curbs and low-hanging doorways.

  4. Move the couch sections carefully, being mindful of personal safety. Lift with your legs, not your back. Keep lines of communication open with other movers so you coordinate your movements. Wear gloves to protect your fingers and hands, and pull on heavy boots to protect your toes in case you or anyone helping you accidentally drops a section.

  5. Set down all sections of the couch as far into the room as possible, being careful not to block any entry or exit points. Keep pathways clear for the movers so they don't stumble over anything while carrying furniture.