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How to Move a Recliner Sofa

Quinn Marshall

A recliner sofa is a couch that has a built-in recliner feature. Moving a recliner sofa is similar to moving a normal sofa, although it may be heavier because of the extra parts. Improperly moving a sofa could result in physical strain or damaged property, so it is important to formulate a plan before beginning.

Step 1

Close the sofa's footrest so the reclining parts are in their normal upright positions.

Step 2

Measure any doorways the sofa will pass through to ensure it fits. If the couch is wider than the doorway, choose a different route.

Step 3

Remove the cushions before moving the couch to lighten the load and avoid potentially tripping over them if they fall off.

Step 4

Slide a ratchet strap under the couch below the reclining part of the couch. Grasp the end of the strap and wrap it up over the back of the sofa toward the front. Feed the strap into the ratchet part of the strap, then pump the ratchet to tighten it. This holds the recliner in the upright position, keeping the footrest from popping out while the sofa is being moved.

Step 5

Push the sofa if you're moving it from one side of a room to the other. Push one end first, then the other, alternating until the sofa is in its new position.

Step 6

Carry the couch if it needs to be loaded in a truck, moved around a corner or up a flight of steps. Bend your knees and grasp the bottom of the couch, lifting it as you stand. Have a helper lift the other end of the couch.

Step 7

Carry the sofa facing right-side up if there's room; otherwise, turn the couch on its side and carry it so the back of the couch faces the floor. The person facing forward should guide the person who's walking backward, advising him of potential obstacles and approaching corners.

Step 8

Set the sofa down in its new location. Release the ratchet and unwind the strap, then remove the strap.