How to Build a Patio Bar From Cinder Blocks

Emily Weller

Turn your patio into a place perfect for hosting barbecues and parties by building a bar out of cinder blocks. A concrete patio bar is durable and ideal for the outdoors. Place a grill next to the bar and you are ready for hosting.

Stacking the cinder blocks to make the bar can be an all-day project, so enlist the help of friends or family. When finished, top the bar with a granite or other durable counter top. Build the bar on a level surface on top of an existing patio.

  1. Mix the mortar in the wheelbarrow or large bucket with water according to the directions on the package.

  2. Spread a layer of mortar in the spot on the patio where you will place the bar. The bar will have three sides, forming a "U" shape. The two short sides measure 32 inches and the long side is 64 inches. Spread that mortar into a 1/2-inch thick layer that is 7 inches wide.

  3. Press the first cinder block onto the mortar, in the corner where one 32-inch side joins the 64-inch side. Use the level to make sure the block is flat and even. The holes in the block should face up.

  4. Coat one 6- by 8-inch side of the second block with a 1/2 inch thick layer of mortar and place it next to the first block, pushing the coated side against the bare side of the first block. Use the level to make sure things are even. Continue across the 64-inch side. You'll lay five blocks total on the the long side.

  5. Spread mortar on one 6-by-8-inch side of another cinder block and press it into the mortar along one 32-inch side. The 6-by-8-inch side should press against the block on the end of the 64-inch side. Coat another short end of a cinder block with mortar and press against the first block on the 32-inch side. Repeat on the second 32-inch side.

  6. Continue to lay cinder blocks in the same fashion on top of the first row of blocks. You'll lay a total of five levels of blocks.

  7. Coat the top level of block with mortar. Set the counter top on the top level. The counter top should overhang the 32-inch sides by 3 inches and extend over the front of the bar by 4 inches.


Use the space under the bar for storing dishes and other outdoor serving necessities.