How to Build a Weed Eater Rack

How to Build a Weed Eater Rack. Storing or transporting a weed eater takes careful planning so that you don't damage your weed eater. You may want to build a weed eater rack for your trailer if you are in the lawn-care business, for example. Or, you may want to build a rack to store your weed eater at home.

  1. Build a weed eater rack to transport it by trailer. Decide whether you want your rack on the front of your trailer or on the sides. Buy 1-inch square steel tubing for your uprights. You may weld these uprights on your sides, or bolt them on with bolts. The uprights must be about 4 feet high and about 4 feet apart.

  2. Make a U by welding a 2-inch piece of 1-inch tubing on the sides of your uprights. Weld these about half-way up your uprights, which makes them about 2 feet high. Now, take a second piece of 1-inch tubing, 3 inches long. Weld this piece on the end of your 2-inch piece, extending upward. This gives you a U so your weed eater sets inside the channel. Do this on both uprights.

  3. Secure the weed eater for travel when you build a weed eater rack for a trailer. Take commercial-grade Velcro and bolt a 6-inch long piece on your upright, above your U. Leave about 5 inches of Velcro loose. Now, bolt the connecting Velcro to the 3-inch piece of upright channel. This gives you Velcro straps that connect across your weed eater, making it easy to secure and remove.

  4. Construct a rack for your storage building when you build a weed eater rack. Use a 2-by-8 and a 1-by-8 piece of wood. Cut each piece 2 feet long. Now, nail or screw the 1-by-8 to one edge of the 2-by-8, making an L shape. Cut a slot in your 2-by-8 about 11/2-inches wide by 3 inches deep. Use the 1-by-8 to screw to your studs on your storage building, about 6 feet high. Now slide your weed eater in your slot for storage.