How to Troubleshoot a Toro Lawn Mower

Troubleshooting a Toro lawnmower is fairly simple. The machine is not only designed for easy maintenance, it is designed to be easily accessed.

Whether having engine starting problems or overheating, by checking a few areas you may be able to have the lawnmower up and running before you know it and save a trip to the repair shop.

  1. Place the mower on a flat paved surface to begin troubleshooting.

  2. Assess the symptoms. If the lawnmower will not start, the gas may be stale and could need to be changed (it should not be in the engine for more than 30 days). Check the air filter and make sure that it not clogged. Check the spark plug and make sure that the wire is not loose or that the plug is faulty.

  3. Check the oil level if the engine is overheating. If the level is low, add additional oil. Check your owner's manual for the oil capacity and weight that your model requires.

  4. Turn the lawnmower to the "off" setting. Remove the ignition key if it is an electric lawnmower. Remove the spark plug. This will ensure that the mower will not accidentally engage. Check the mower blade(s) for damage or nicks. If the blade is damaged or nicked you may get an uneven or poor cut of grass.

  5. Raise the height of your blade if you are experiencing scalping .

  6. Check the blade pitch if you are experiencing strays of long grass, or stragglers.


Always work on your mower on a flat surface and that the area is free of bystanders. Also, if you work on or around the blades, turn the machine off and pull the spark plug.

Wear protective eye goggles and gloves to avoid injury.