What Is a Transfer Pump?

Tom Johnson

A transfer pump is a pump you can use to transfer any kind of liquid from one place to another, such as from a pipeline to a bulk tank.

A transfer pump is useful when you need to move liquids.


The primary function of a transfer pump is to remove liquid from one location and transfer it to another location. Transfer pumps can be used to move gasoline in and out of vehicle gas tanks or siphoning water out of flooded areas.


If you are in the market for a transfer pump, it is best to determine the type of liquid you will be transferring. The thickness of the liquid to be transferred will determine what type of transfer pump you need. Thinner liquids can be moved with simpler pumps while thicker liquids require special pumps.


If you are using your transfer pump with chemicals, it is important to clean your pump and hoses after each use. Chemical residue that stays inside your transfer pump has a tendency to corrode various parts of the pump, which can cause leaks and safety issues, especially if the chemicals you are working with are hazardous.