How to Troubleshoot a Mr. Freeze Ice Maker

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Manufactured by Maxi-Matic, Mr. Freeze ice makers are portable appliances that are capable of producing up to 35 pounds of ice each day. Operating a Mr. Freeze portable ice maker is as simple as filling the reservoir with water.

Still, even incredibly user-friendly appliances can throw you a curve ball every now and again. If you're experiencing a problem with your Mr. Freeze ice maker, troubleshooting the following components and features may help you restore normal operation.

  1. Check that the appliance is plugged into a functioning electrical outlet. Note that the Mr. Freeze ice maker features a polarized plug; never attempt to force the plug into an unsuitable outlet.

  2. Refill the reservoir when the "Add Water" indicator light is illuminated. Open the ice maker lid and remove the ice bucket to access the water reservoir. Fill the reservoir to the maximum fill line. Replace the ice bucket and close the ice maker lid. The "Add Water" indicator light should turn off.

  3. Examine the wire water sensor inside the reservoir if the "Add Water" light remains on even when the reservoir is full. Clean the sensor wire with a soft cloth to help it better sense the water in the reservoir.

  4. Add one to two tablespoons of lemon juice or white vinegar to the water in the reservoir if the ice produced by the machine has an odd smell or taste. The acidic additive will help cleanse impurities from the system. Discard the ice made with the lemon or vinegar water. Refill the reservoir and discard the ice made during that cycle as well.

  5. Empty the ice bucket when the "Ice" indicator light is on. If the bucket is full, the machine is unable to produce additional ice until it is emptied. Check the ice chute for blockages if the "Ice" indicator is on but the bucket is empty or only partially filled.


Change the size of the ice cubes if they're too large or small for your liking. Press the "Cubes" button repeatedly until the appropriate light under the "S," "M" or "L" indicators turns on.


Contact Maxi-Matic customer support if troubleshooting your Mr. Freeze ice maker doesn't resolve the issue. If your appliance is still under warranty, it may be eligible for repair service from the manufacturer.