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Troubleshoot a Hotpoint Ice Maker

Lacy Enderson

The General Electric Hotpoint ice maker usually functions properly, but occasionally something can go wrong. Instead of buying a brand new ice maker, troubleshooting the problem is the first thing to do. Finding out what is wrong with your ice maker by process of elimination usually isolates the problem. Of course you want to make sure the freezer is cold enough before you begin. You cannot assume that just because the water flow to the in-door water dispenser is good that the water flow to the ice maker is also sufficient.

Troubleshoot a Hotpoint Ice Maker
  1. Turn off the water supply and disconnect the line from your general Electric refrigerator. Remove the primary, or outer, solenoid valve that dispenses water to the ice maker.

  2. Test the solenoid connector with a volt/ohm meter to make sure it is registering at 120 volts. The ohms should register resistance at 337.

  3. Make sure the auger turns okay, the lever switch is down, and the filler tube is not filled with ice. Make sure the water line is not clogged. Check that the ice maker mold thermostat isn't defective.

  4. Check the water inlet valves to make sure the ice maker is dispensing water. Remove the plastic tubing and cycle the ice maker to see if water comes out of it during the cycle.

  5. Find the wire on the right side of the ice maker that looks like a coat hanger. It needs to be down in order to make ice.