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How to Troubleshoot & Remove the Drain Hose From an LG Washer WM0642H

James Clark

The LG WM0642H is a front-loading washing machine designed for residential use. The appliance comes with a drain hose connected to the back panel for expelling dirty water. The LG WM0642H also has a drain pump filter that must be cleaned periodically. This filter is accessible through a panel in the front of the appliance. If the tub does not empty properly during the drain/spin cycles, troubleshoot the drain hose and filter to remove obstructions. The hose clamp can be removed with a screwdriver to replace the drain hose, if necessary.

  1. Push in the control knob on the front of the appliance to halt operation.

  2. Pull out the panel on the lower left corner at the front of the appliance to remove the drain filter attached inside. The filter pulls straight out.

  3. Clean the filter under running water and scrub it with the nylon brush to remove clogging particles.

  4. Replace the filter, close the front panel and test the washing machine's operation.

  5. Twist open a wire clothes hanger and bend the wire so it is relatively straight.

  6. Pull the end of the drain hose out of the drain pipe behind the appliance and insert one end of the clothes wire, probing inside the hose to check for obstructions. Often, loosening a blockage with a wire is enough to expel it when the drain cycle is turned on. The force of the water knocks the clog loose.

  7. Unscrew the clamp securing the drain hose to the back of the LG washer using a screwdriver and pull the hose straight off the nozzle on the back of the machine. Drain excess water into a bucket.