Do-It-Yourself Repair for an E23 Error Code on Affinity Washers

Meredith Jameson

Frigidaire Affinity washing machines offer many features, including a vibration control system, quiet operation, energy saving wash cycle, delay start, seven different wash options, automatic temperature control and an electronic control and display panel.

If problems arise with the washing machine, an error code will typically appear on the display to notify users of the issue. If the error code “E23” appears, indicating a drainage problem, owners may want to try to fix the problem themselves before calling Frigidaire for assistance.


Screw clamps, available at most hardware stores, may be useful to clamp the hoses when cleaning the drain pump assembly.

  1. Disconnect the Affinity washing machine from power.

  2. Pull the washer away from the wall, which may require assistance. Place towels underneath the hoses and disconnect the drain hose. Clean the inlet screen in the drain hose, as well as the connection point between the washing machine and the hose. Reconnect the hose and ensure the hose is straight and not caught between the washer and any other surfaces.

  3. Measure the distance between the drain hose standpipe and the floor. If the distance is more than 8 feet, lower the drain hose standpipe.

  4. Clean the drains throughout the home, as a clog in one drain may cause a problem throughout the home.

  5. Remove the screws holding the front kick plate on the front of the washing machine. Lift off the kick plate and place towels underneath the front of the washer.

  6. Disconnect the hoses from the drain pump assembly in the lower front right corner. Have a container ready to catch any water that may exit the hoses. Unclip the wire harness and remove the two bolts that hold the drain assembly in place.

  7. Examine inside the drain assembly for small objects that may be causing the problem. Replace the bolts and the hoses to return the drain assembly in place. Restore the front kick plate and return the screws to position.

  8. Reconnect power to the washing machine. If the error code persists, disconnect power and contact Frigidaire for assistance, as the drain pump relay may be damaged and require professional repair.