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Washing Machine Drain Hose Backflow Prevention

Mikhail Polenin

Your washing machine's drain hose pours out the water that gathers up in the machine usually throughout the rinse and spin cycles. Depending on its position, you might get a backlog of water within the hose that makes the machine put more effort in getting the water out. This phenomenon, known as backflow, occurs when you position your hose unnecessarily high or when you position it so that water would climb several times through the hose before reaching the tip.

Washing machines pour a lot of water down the drain when rinsing and spinning.
  1. Grab the washing machine's hose and place it in a lower location. Place it on a "rinse and spin" program if you have one in order to test the hose.

  2. Straighten the hose as much as possible to allow a smooth path for the water.

  3. Move your washing machine away from the water's destination as far as possible. Do not move the machine at such a point where the hose may fall from the water drain.