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How to Clear the Drain Line on a Trane Air Conditioner

Amanda Flanigan

Trane air conditioning units--like other AC units-- have drain lines. These lines drain the condensation that naturally builds up inside the AC unit away from your home. When a drain line is clogged, the water will back up into your home. When this happens, you could experience water damage to the interior of your home. Fortunately, cleaning and clearing your drain line is a relatively simple process that can be done within a few hours.

Regular care of your air conditioning unit will keep it running smoothly.
  1. Turn off the power to the Trane air conditioning unit.

  2. Remove the panel from the air conditioning unit. You may have to remove screws that secure the panel in place.

  3. Disconnect the drain line. The drain line is typically found at the end of the drain pain, below the condenser coil.

  4. Connect the correct size nozzle attachment to a water hose. The attachment must be able to fit into the drain line.

  5. Attach the water hose to the Trane drain line.

  6. Turn the water hose on and allow the water to flow steadily through the drain line.

  7. Remove the water hose from the drain line.

  8. Attach a wet/dry vacuum to the end of the drain line located outside your home.

  9. Turn the wet/dry vacuum on. The vacuum will suck out any dirt or debris that may be trapped in the line.

  10. Disconnect the vacuum from the drain line.

  11. Connect the drain line back to the AC unit.

  12. Replace the front panel.