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My Crosley Washer Won't Spin Out

Meredith Jameson

The Crosley Company has been based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina since 1976 and manufactures several home appliances, including washing machines. Crosley washing machines are available as both front- and top-loading models and are sold by independent appliance retailers.

They are generally reliable, but like all washing machines may occasionally have problems removing water during the spin cycle. Crosley washers have a maximum spin rate ranging from 700 RPM (top-loader) to 1,200 RPM (front-loader). If you experience problems with the spin cycle on a Crosley washer, some common troubleshooting methods may be helpful in resolving the issue.

  1. Verify that the Crosley washer is properly connected to the power supply. Check the circuit breaker and reset it if necessary.

  2. Make sure the door of the top-loader is kept closed during the spin cycle.

  3. Open the washer and make sure the load is evenly balanced inside the tub. Redistribute as necessary. Make sure the load is not too small. A washer may not spin with one or two small items in it.

  4. Examine the drain hose and straighten it if it is bent or kinked. Clean the drain hose of any obstructions. Do not operate the washer if the drain hose is not well protected during freezing temperatures, as the drain hose may freeze and then will not drain as required.

  5. Check for items wedged between the inner and outer tubs of the washing machine. Grasp any stuck item with a pair of pliers and remove it. Make certain the washer is unplugged before you do this.

  6. Plug in the washer. Select the spin and drain cycle and press “Start” to drain any remaining water out of the tub.

  7. Contact a service technician if the above steps do not resolve the problem, as other potential causes include a frozen pump pulley or broken pump. Such problems require professional repair.