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Instructions on Changing a Heater Element on a Crosley Dryer

David Clair

Crosley automatic dryers come in a range of models and are available in both gas and electric varieties. Electric-model Crosley dryers use a heating element to provide the high temperature needed inside the drum to dry wet clothing.

A faulty heating element may not prevent the dryer from running, but it could prevent the laundry from becoming dry. Replace the bad heating element with a new one to get the Crosley dryer working properly again.

  1. Unplug the Crosley dryer before servicing it. This will prevent electric shock.

  2. Open the door in the front of the dryer. Remove the screws on the inside of the doorway.

  3. Pull the top panel toward you while standing in front of the dryer to disconnect it. Lift the top panel up until it rests on its hinges.

  4. Disconnect the screws that hold the heating element canister in place. The heating element canister is a long metal device. Unplug the electrical connectors leading into the canister.

  5. Lift the heating element canister out of the Crosley dryer cabinet.

  6. Turn the heating element inside the canister clockwise to unhook it. Slide the element out of the canister.

  7. Slide the new heating element into the canister. Turn the element counterclockwise to lock it in place.

  8. Replace the heating element canister in the dryer cabinet. Replace the wire connectors and screws that hold the canister in place.

  9. Lower the top panel onto the unit. Press down on the top panel to lock the internal clips in place. Replace the screws inside the door.