How to Troubleshoot a Maax Tub

Vanessa Ryan

Maax is a bathroom-products company that began in 1969 and manufactures an assortment of bath-related products including showers, tubs, walls, bases and shower doors.

While an ordinary bathtub is a fairly uncomplicated thing, some Maax products, like whirlpool tubs, are more complex and may encounter problems from time to time. Troubleshooting minor performance issues at home will save you from having to make a service call.

  1. Remove the bath waste plug and adjust its height by tightening the lock nut if the tub is emptying slowly.

  2. Shut off the power to the tub and adjust the nozzle of the jets to point in a different direction if the pump is not running smoothly. Also, unscrew the filter from the suction fitting and clean it off, and tighten the pipe connections to the motor by hand if they are loose. Avoid washing your hair when the pump is on to prevent clogs.

  3. Turn off the jets and clean out any debris if they are not working effectively.

  4. Change any faulty fuses or reset the circuit breakers if the pump won’t turn on, or if the electrical controls won’t work.

  5. Clear away any obstructions from the jets and add 1 inch of hot water to the tub before running the blower on the highest setting if the blower is working but no air is coming through the jets. This action clears the jets.

  6. Allow the motor to cool down for about 40 minutes if the power works for a time and then shuts off.