How to Clean a Washing Machine Drain

At times, your washing machine drain can be clogged with dirt, small pieces of clothing, change or other things that might be present when you try to wash your clothes. A clogged washing machine drain can lead to ineffective draining of the water, which can lead to wet, mildewy clothes.

Clean a Washing Machine Drain

Cleaning out your washing machine drain is a simple process, and once it is completed you'll enjoy better performance from your washing machine.

  1. Locate the drainage pipe on the backside of the washing machine. It will be a large, flexible pipe, secured to the back of the washing machine with a plate and four screws.

  2. Remove the screws from the plate, and take the pipe away from the washing machine. Hold it over the bucket to empty out any water that may be still in the drain.

  3. Insert the plumbing snake into the drainage pipe and push through until you encounter the blockage. Once you have felt the blockage, push and twist the plumbing snake so that it gets a firm grip on whatever the block age may be.

  4. Pull the plumbing snake slowly out of the end of the drainage pipe. The item causing the blockage should come out with it. Hold the drainage pipe over the bucket as you pull the blockage out, as it may be messy. Discard the item causing the blockage.

  5. Replace the drainage pipe using the plate and reinsert the screws. Tighten.

  6. Run a cycle without clothes thought the washer to clean out any remaining debris from the drain.