How to Troubleshoot an ASKO Dryer

Jon Stefansson

If your ASKO-branded clothes dryer is experiencing problems, troubleshooting the cause of the issue should be your first step before you call a technician to repair the appliance. There's a good chance you can fix the cause of the dryer's malfunction without special attention or tools.

Troubleshooting your ASKO dryer helps you restore the appliance to normal working order.

Common problems include a lack of power or problems with the machine stopping mid-cycle.

  1. Push the door tightly closed, press the "Power" button and hit "Start." The dryer won't spin or heat up until the door is safely closed and the control panel is switched on. The dryer doesn't automatically begin once you select your drying options--always remember to hit "Start."

  2. Check you have programmed the control panel correctly. Don't select "Air Fluff" if you want to dry your saturated clothes, for example. Some models of ASKO dryer have a digital control while others are programmed through various buttons on the control panel.

  3. Follow the dryer's plug to the electrical outlet. Make sure the plug is fully inserted and the outlet is switched on. Plug a lamp into the outlet to test for an electricity supply. Reset the circuit breaker protecting the dryer if the outlet isn't working. Change the fuse if your home doesn't have breakers.

  4. Empty the dryer's water tank, if fitted. ASKO dryers installed without ventilation pipes gather moisture from clothes in a plastic tank that needs draining at the end of each cycle. A light appears on the control panel indicating when the tank is full. Pull the tank out of the dryer, empty it down the sink and return it to its original location.

  5. Wait half an hour after the appliance stops before pressing any buttons. Some ASKO dryers are fitted with heat-sensors that cut the power when the appliance starts to overheat. Clean the lint screen, located on the inside of the door, removing any lint as well as the condenser, found behind the panel below the door. Hit the "Start" button once the dryer has cooled down.