Maytag Top-load Washer Troubleshooting

Jon Stefansson

Troubleshooting your Maytag top-load washing machine is a thrifty way of ensuring you only call a technician when it is absolutely necessary. Some minor problems with the electricity or water supply keep the washing machine from starting. Solving these issues helps restore the appliance to normal working order.

Fix your washing machine before the laundry starts piling up.

You won't need special knowledge or tools to perform this task. You might want to troubleshoot your washer if the warranty period has expired or the appliance isn't covered by your home insurance.

  1. Open and firmly close the washer's lid. The appliance fills but won't start spinning until the door is completely closed. Sometimes the washing machine door doesn't close properly the first time. Pressing "Start" after the door is closed resumes the wash cycle.

  2. Check that the power cord is connected to a working electrical outlet, without using an extension cord. The maximum voltage of the extension cord may not be high enough to operate the washing machine. Ensure the outlet is switched on and supplying electricity. A breaker or fuse may have tripped if the outlet isn't working.

  3. Review the settings on the control panel, ensuring all the buttons and dials are positioned for your needs. You might be making a mistake or selecting the wrong wash cycle. Press the "Start/Pause" button when you are ready to begin the wash cycle.

  4. Examine the water pipes at the back of the washing machine and make sure they are free of kinks, twists and sharp turns. Water will not enter or exit properly if the pipe is badly positioned or trapped beneath the feet of the appliance. Make sure the hot and cold water shut-off faucets are turned to the open position.

  5. Reduce the amount of clothes in the drum, as the total weight may exceed the appliance's safety limit. Wash half your clothes now and half later. Don't add more than two additional items or extra water to the drum after the cycle has started.