Maytag Stackable Washer Troubleshooting

Daniel Holzer

Maytag only makes two models of space-saving stackable washer-dryer units. While the washers are the same, the attached dryers come in either gas or electric. These units are excellent for small homes or where you prefer to tuck the laundry away in a large closet.

Learn how to troubleshoot your Maytag stackable washer.

Maytag has a reputation for quality products, but even quality products sometimes provide problems. For that reason, Maytag recommends certain troubleshooting steps to take before contacting them directly for servicing.

  1. Verify that your Maytag stackable washer is plugged firmly into a grounded three-prong electrical outlet. The washer should never be plugged into an extension cord or forced into a two-prong outlet.

  2. Check the water supply system. Turn off the water faucets, remove the hoses from the faucets and examine the inlet valve screens for blockages of any kind and remove them if present. Replace the screens and the hoses onto the faucets, ensuring they are attached securely to the correct temperature faucet. Turn on both the hot- and cold-water supply faucets all the way. Straighten out any kinks or severe bends in the water supply hoses.

  3. Examine the drain pipe and sink for clogs or leaks. If the drain or sink is clogged, the water will not drain properly and may spill over onto the ground or not drain at all from the washer. Maytag insists the sink must be able to flush a minimum of 17 gallons per minute to prevent drainage issues.

  4. Locate your home's fuse box and circuit breaker. If you see the circuit breaker has been tripped, which cuts the power, reset it. Examine the fuse box for blown fuses, remove them and install intact fuses as necessary.

  5. Open the lid of the washer and verify that your Maytag stackable washer is not overloaded or unevenly distributed. Redistribute and lessen the load as necessary. Also confirm there are no loose objects such as coins or rocks in the drum, which will cause loud clinging or banging noises.

  6. Adjust the feet of the stackable washer to sit level on the ground. Washers, especially the stackable variety, vibrates or thumps loudly when unevenly sitting on the ground.