How to Determine the Value of a Used Washing Machine

Diane Perez

You can reduce the cost of remodeling, or moving house, by selling your used washing machine. Many potential buyers prefer to buy used appliances for the cost savings. You need to determine the value of your washing machine before you can advertise it for sale.

You can easily determine the value of your used washing machine.

Several factors affect the value of a used appliance, including its cosmetic appearance, damage or breakage of any components, its repair history and whether it is in good working condition.

  1. Note any cosmetic flaws, such as small scratches on the finish or a squeaky hinge. You can easily repair such minor cosmetic flaws with appliance paint or lubricant, respectively. Do what you can to make your washing machine attractive to potential buyers.

  2. Inspect the washing machine for flaws that will shorten its life span, such as cracked enamel. A flaw such as a rusted washtub will seriously affect the machine's value, because it is a sign of poor-quality steel and is expensive to replace.

  3. Call people who have placed classified ads for washing machines that are the same brand and model as yours. Ascertain the age, condition and current working order of these machines, as well as the selling price.

  4. Call two or three used appliance stores in your area to ask whether they have a washing machine like yours in stock. If they do, then ask for the price. Some stores do not provide pricing on the phone, so you may need to visit the store. Ask for the age of the washing machine so that you can compare it to your washer.

  5. Visit moving sales and garage sales that advertise washing machines for sale. Compare the condition and pricing to what you own.

  6. Examine the prices to see whether they are close together or spread out over a wide range. If they are close together, then this is a good estimate of the value of your washing machine. If the prices are all over the scale, then calculate an average price to determine a fair market value for your machine.