Bosch Dryer Error Codes

Angela Brady

Bosch clothes dryers are well-known for their quality and comprehensive warranty. If your dryer is malfunctioning, it will display an error code on the screen as soon as the malfunction registers in the memory. Each code refers to a specific set of problems, and each problem has a prescribed set of solutions.

You can easily fix most minor issues yourself, but if the solutions offered do not solve the problem, contact a repair center before going any further or you may accidentally void your warranty.


The E:01 code indicates a ventilation problem. Start by cleaning the lint filter and the air exhaust duct. Turn the dryer off for about 30 minutes, provide a source of fresh air like a fan or an open window, and try to start it again. If the code persists, reduce your exhaust duct to the shortest possible length and try again. If it still persists, contact a repair technician.


The E:03 code means that the drying time has gone on too long. Several issues can cause this. Clean the moisture sensor with white vinegar and a soft cloth, vacuum all exhaust outlets, and reduce the exhaust duct to the shortest possible length. Clean the lint filter, switch the dryer off for 30 minutes, and try again. If the dryer runs properly, only to stop and display the E:03 code again, try spinning the wet clothes on a more intense cycle in the washer, and select a different drying program.


The 000 code refers to an electronic malfunction. Turn the dryer off for 30 minutes, then restart. If the problem persists, contact a repair center. Never attempt to disassemble the electronic portion of the dryer yourself, or you may void your warranty and risk an electric shock. If you smell an unusual odor coming from the dryer, switch off the circuit breaker until it can be repaired.


The “---” error code simply means that the dryer detects laundry in the drum instead of on the rack during the “Wool” program. Simply choose a different program, or install the rack in the dryer and place laundry on top of it. Be sure that the laundry does not touch the drum, or it can tangle during the cycle.

A Note About the Ducts

Many dryer error codes result from improper ductwork. Use four-inch metal tubing, either rigid or flexible, and keep the duct as short as possible with the fewest number of turns. Rigid ducts must be shorter than 66 feet, and flexible ducts should be shorter than 45 feet. For each 90-degree turn, reduce the maximum length by about 8 feet. For example, a flexible duct with three turns must be no longer than 22 feet. Keep the ducts clear of lint and debris, and always unplug the dryer before disconnecting the duct for cleaning.