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Maytag Neptune Dryer Capacity

Dan Ketchum

In addition to its lineup of refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and washing machines, appliance manufacturer Maytag offers the Neptune line of dryers. The Neptune series encompasses no less than 18 different individual models, as of 2011, ranging in drum capacity from 4 to 7.81 cubic feet. Specifications are subject to change over time as Maytag's lineup continues to evolve.

MC Series

Maytag's Neptune model number MCE8000AYW, a standalone front-loading dryer, has a weight capacity of 13 pounds and a volume of 7 cubic feet. In addition to the main dryer, this appliance sports a 17.3-cubic foot top drying cabinet for gentle drying. This electric dryer features a moisture sensor and cool down features. The Neptune MCG8000AW offers the same capacity and features, but operates on gas rather than electricity.

MD Series

At the middle range, the Neptune MDG5500AW gas dryer has room for 6 cubic feet of clothing, as does the MDG6800, MDG7500AW, MDG9800 gas dryers and MDE5500AY, MDE5500AYW and MDE7500 electric dryers. For high capacity drying, the MDE6700A has a 7.1-cubic foot capacity, while Neptune models MDE6700 and MDE9700AYW WW electric dryers and the MDG6700A gas dryer -- which feature Maytag's GentleBreeze airflow drying system -- have a drying volume of 7.31 cubic feet. At the high end, the MDG9700A gas dryer has a capacity of 7.81 cubic feet. The Neptune MDE4000 electric dryer has an 18-pound capacity.

ML Series

The middle-range Maytag Neptune MLE23MN, a stackable front-loading dryer that runs on electricity, has a drum volume of 6 cubic feet. This washer-dryer combo caters to commercial use, featuring a freestanding design with electromechanical controls. The Neptune MLG2000AWW gas-powered washer-dryer combo also features a 6.0-cubic foot dryer capacity.


For Canadian customers only, Maytag offers the Neptune MDE2400AZW Compact Electric Dryer, notable as the smallest dryer in the Neptune line. This stainless steel drum of this specialty dryer, secured by a reversible door, has a capacity of 4.0 cubic feet. It features the GentleBreeze drying system, AutoDry dryness controls, LED controls and wrinkle prevention options.