How to Dry Only on an LG Washer & Dryer

James Clark

LG manufactures a line of washer and dryer units that combine the functions of both. You add dirty laundry to the front-loading machine, select a cycle and return several hours later to clean, dry clothes. The dryer operates with a ventless system, so it takes longer to dry clothes.

Still, LG notes in its product literature that the appliance is more energy-efficient than standalone dryers. If you only need to dry clothes, perhaps to loosen wrinkles, the combo appliance can be set to dry only.

  1. Place no more than 10 pounds of damp, wrung-out clean laundry in the front loading compartment of the LG appliance, and close the swing door. A 10-pound load of damp laundry is the equivalent of five bath towels, according to the LG product-support website, which notes that combo washer-dryer appliances have a smaller capacity than their separate counterparts.

  2. Press the power "On/Off" button and then the "Dry" button on the control panel at the top of the appliance. This sets the appliance exclusively to the drying cycles and bypasses the washing cycles.

  3. Dial the "Dry" button clockwise to select from the five dryer settings available on the appliance.

  4. Press the "Start/Pause" button to start the selected drying cycle.