How to Use a Whirlpool Dryer

Victoria Ries

Using a Whirlpool dryer isn't difficult at all. Once you learn how to use one, you'll wonder why you thought it was so difficult to do in the first place. There are just a few simple steps to remember when operating your Whirlpool dryer and you'll have your clothes dry in a jiffy.

Selecting a timed cycle


Do not overload your Whirlpool dryer--split the load in two parts.


Do not attempt to dry rubberized items of clothing in your Whirlpool dryer, such as plastic rain gear or rubber boots, as a fire may ignite.

  1. Sort the clothes to be dried into separate piles--colored, whites and delicates, heavy jeans and winter shirts. This is done because the different weights of the fabrics dry at different times and by sorting the clothes everything in the load dries at the same time, hopefully making just one trip to the dryer to fold the load.

  2. Load clothes into the dryer
  3. Open the Whirlpool dryer door and place the first load of clothes that you want to be dried into the dryer, along with a dryer sheet to soften and eliminate static electricity in your dry clothes. Close the dryer door making sure it is tight shut, otherwise heat will escape out the door and waste energy leaving you with damp clothes.

  4. Select the desired heat setting for your load
  5. Select the heat setting, which includes permanent press, delicate and heavy, by pushing the corresponding button on the control panel at the back of your Whirlpool dryer. Select the timer alarm to alert you when the drying cycle is finished. Select the desired timed cycle setting which include Fluff Air, Timed Dry or Electronic Dry-Miser, which is an energy-saving cycle. There are an assortment of minutes to choose from to dry your load; turn the round dial on the extreme left of the control panel to the estimated time needed to dry a load. Summer clothes won't need as long a dry time as heavy winter clothes, so choose accordingly.

  6. Push to Start
  7. Close the dryer door and push the "start" button on the extreme right of the control panel. You will hear the tumbler begin to turn.

  8. Listen for the Whirlpool dryer's timer alarm and when it goes off, open the door of the dryer and check the clothes for dryness. Remove the dry clothes and leave the damp clothes in the tumbler to be dried for a few minutes longer. Reset the dryer's timed cycle dial for another 10 minutes and push the "start" button. While the remainder of the clothes are drying, fold the dry clothes.