Ideas to Cover an Electric Meter on the Wall of Your House

Jennifer Eblin

Electric meters are necessary fixtures in most homes. The meter shows the electric company the exact amount of power used by the home in a specific time frame and shows when the electricity in the home isn’t functioning correctly. The problem is that these boxes are also fairly unattractive.

Electric meters are big, bulky and unattractive.

The plain electric meter is typically covered in a white or black piece of plastic that doesn’t fit with your home décor. Ideas to cover an electric meter keep the meter hidden, while still keeping it easily accessible.


Hide the electric meter away in a shadowbox placed on the wall. Most craft-supply stores sell boxes of this type, which feature different sizes of shelves and cubbyholes. Look for one that has at least one hole or shelf large enough for the electric meter. Attach the shadowbox to the wall, with the electric meter sticking through one of the shelves or cubbyholes. Decorate the shadowbox with different knickknacks and small decorations from around the house. To draw the eye up, stick the electric meter through one of the cubbies on the bottom of the box.

Make It Stand Out

Turn the electric meter into a focal point for the room, while still keeping it partially hidden. Remove the covering from the electric meter and purchase a piece of decorative plastic the same size as the meter cover. Slip the plastic piece inside the cover of the meter and place it back on the wall. The new plastic covers the unappealing gauges inside, but it’s still accessible to the electric company.

Tuck It Away

Hide the electric meter behind a decorative piece that matches the style of the room. Masks are one idea, because there are so many different types, colors and styles. Simply attach a piece of picture wire to the wall, directly above the electric meter. Hang the mask from the picture wire. The mask keeps the electric meter hidden away, without making it difficult to locate.

Make Your Own Box

Create a box, using small pieces of wood, that is large enough to completely cover the electric meter. Depending on how handy you are, you can even place a hinged door on the front that lets you quickly reach the meter. Attach the box directly to the wall and use it as a small display shelf. When you place a vase, a stack of books or a photo frame on top, no one would ever guess it’s hiding the electric meter.