How to Paint Vertical Fabric Blinds

Vertical fabric blinds are surprisingly easy to paint. Jazz up your room with updated color, match a new wall paint or fabric color or just freshen up grubby older blinds.


Yes, you can cover up a dark color with a light one or vice versa. It will probably require more coats though. If the fabric is scuffed up and fluffy, look for a water based (acrylic) fabric spray paint and wet the fabric down first to flatten it. For extra depth, try lightly sponge painting them with wall paint.


Regular house paint works fine but warning: brushing it on will be very time consuming and messy. The fabric really soaks up the paint and it will be difficult to make it look neat along the edges.

  1. Vertical blinds come in two common styles. One type has a fabric insert that fits into a plastic sleeve with vinyl backing. The other type is a plain vinyl slat with the fabric permanently affixed to one side. In most cases you do not want to paint the plain (usually white) vinyl back of the blind. If you have the two part blinds, remove the fabric insert.

  2. Any sort of glossy finish will look uneven or messy. Some paint stores have flat finish multi-purpose spray paint. This is fine to use, but the color selection will be limited. Crafts stores will have the widest color selection of fabric spray paints. Suede finish paint also works very well.

  3. Unclip the blinds from the frame and remove the inserts if that's the sort you have. This is a good time to clean the parts of the frame and window that are hard to get to with the blinds up.

  4. The easiest way to spray these is by rigging up a clothesline and pinning up the blinds. Space them out enough so that overspray doesn't get the backs. You can also set them on cardboard or a drop cloth in a well ventilated area. If working outside, choose a calm, warm day.

  5. Spray the blinds with two to three light coats. The heavier the fabric texture, the more paint you will use. Half way through, flip them upsidedown on the clothesline so you get the spot where the clothespin is.

  6. That is all there is to it--just rehang and you're done.