How to Make the Frame for a Canvas Window Awning

Katherine Barrington

Installing an awning over a door or window is a simple way to keep your home cool and to block out direct sunlight. Rather than purchasing an expensive custom awning, you can save money by buying or making your own canvas awning cover.

Build a simple frame for your canvas awning with PVC pipe.

Once you have the canvas awning cover, you can construct a basic frame out of PVC pipe and install the awning yourself. This project is one that the average homeowner can complete in a few hours.

  1. Measure the length of the window above which you intend to install your canvas window awning with a tape measure. If you already have the canvas awning, measure its length and width to determine the necessary dimensions for the awning frame.

  2. Use a pair of PVC pipe cutters to cut two pieces of 1/2-inch PVC to the length of the awning, minus 1 inch to accommodate corner fittings on either end. Cut two more pieces of 1/2-inch PVC to the width of the awning, minus 1 inch.

  3. Arrange the four pieces of PVC pipe into a rectangle. Position the first two pieces of PVC horizontally and parallel to each other with the second two pieces positioned perpendicularly between the ends of the first two.

  4. Connect the four pieces of PVC pipe with 1/2-inch PVC fittings. Insert 1/2-inch corner fittings at the two bottom corners of the PVC frame. At the top, use 1/2-inch tee connectors. Position the tee connectors so the open connection points outward from the frame.

  5. Lay the PVC frame flat on the ground and spread the canvas awning cover over the top of it. Center the canvas awning cover over the frame so if there is any extra canvas, it hangs over the edges of the frame evenly on all sides.

  6. Attach the canvas awning cover to the PVC frame with PVC snap clamps. Wrap the canvas tightly around the PVC pipe and push a snap clamp onto the pipe to secure the canvas in place. Use at least one snap clamp on each side of the frame to attach the canvas awning.

  7. Hold the completed awning against the wall above the window where you intend to install it. Center the awning over the window and position it so the horizontal pipe to which the tee connectors are attached is flush with the wall.

  8. Place a 1/2-inch conduit clamp over the open end of the tee connector on each side of the awning frame. Adjust the angle of the awning to the desired height and have someone hold it in place.

  9. Screw the conduit clamps directly into the wall or window frame with 2-inch wood screws to secure the awning in place.

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