How to Repair & Not Replace a Circuit Board on a Garage Door Opener

Renee Gerber

When a circuit board in a garage door opener fails, the door will suddenly stop while in motion, or it will not open or close at all. You can repair the circuit board so that your garage door opener can again properly function.

If your garage door opener becomes faulty, the circuit board may need repair.


Wear goggles to protect your eyes while drilling and soldering.

  1. Remove the portion of the garage door opener that holds the controls from your garage's ceiling. Lay it on a workbench and use a screwdriver to loosen the screws holding it together. Remove the circuit board and examine it for any breaks or cracks.

  2. Use epoxy liquid to glue the two broken or cracked halves back together. Follow the instructions that came with your epoxy kit. Thoroughly apply epoxy liquid into any cracks. Epoxy liquid adheres extremely well to circuit boards and will dry within a half-hour.

  3. Use a utility knife to carefully scrape any traces of debris from the damage left by the crack or break. Scape the knife all the way along the line where the damage is.

  4. Use a soldering iron by allowing the 400-degree Fahrenheit flame to solder over the previously broken area to further seal it. Apply flux liquid in the intended soldering area as well as on the circuit board's bearing copper joints. Apply flux carefully, and do not be overly generous with its application. Solder over the liquid to further create the seal over the previously broken area on the circuit board.

  5. Apply rubbing alcohol to a clean rag. Use it to clean off any excess flux liquid on the circuit board.

  6. Use a hand-held drill with a small drill bit to drill hole at the end of the the crack in the damaged area. Make sure to center the hole directly onto the crack. This prevents the crack from increasing across the circuit board.

  7. Replace the circuit board into the garage door opener mechanism. Reinstall the mechanism in your garage and test it to make sure it is back in working order.