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How to Bend Rebar in a Circle

Anise Hunter

Rebar is short for reinforcing bar. It is a carbon steel bar used on construction projects to reinforce concrete. When you place rebar into concrete, it allows the concrete to carry higher tensile loads. The ridged areas of rebar allow it to connect to the concrete.

The ridges on rebar allow it to stay connected to the concrete.

At home, you can use rebar for construction projects such as the form for a circular concrete pond. In this situation, you need to bend the rebar in a circle to allow it to support the entire concrete form of the pond.

    Measure the rebar accurately to ensure a good fit.
  1. Measure the perimeter of the circle that needs to be reinforced with rebar. Measure your rebar with chalk or a pencil. If you are using two pieces of rebar, divide this number in half.

  2. Ask staff at a hardware store to cut the rebar for you. They have the correct equipment to do this safely and easily. Alternatively, use a chop saw with a metal cutting blade to cut the rebar to size. Wear safety goggles and gloves.

  3. Set the rebar bender to 180 degrees. If you are bending rebar in a full circle, set the rebar bender as high as it can go. Some benders go over 180 degrees. Place the rebar into the feeding slot of the machine. Stand in a place that allows you to hold the rebar but gives you a good escape route should the rebar shatter.

  4. Hold the rebar. Keep your hands free of the machine. Use the foot pedal to activate the bending process.

  5. Remove the rebar from the machine. Check to make sure the rebar fits into the bend of the circle. If it does not, repeat the bending process until the rebar fits.


Determine whether you need to bend rebar in a full circle or whether two half circles of rebar will accomplish the same task. Rebar is prone to shattering the more it is bent, so it is safer to use two rebar arches rather than one rebar circle.