How to Level a Mobile Home

How to Level a Mobile Home. Learning to level your own mobile home will save you time and money. Leveling should be a routine part of your mobile home maintenance. Set aside a full day to perform the procedure so you don't feel rushed during the process.

  1. Check the level of your mobile home before you begin. Use a highly accurate level and make note of high and low spots.

  2. Loosen all of the tie-down straps so you have room to add or remove shims and adjust floor jacks.

  3. Start in the center of your mobile home and achieve a level balance by adjusting the jack, or using shims to raise or lower the mobile home until it's level.

  4. Work from the center to one end of the mobile home, lowering or raising the jacks or adding shims or cement cinder blocks to achieve a level surface. Stop frequently to check and recheck, as leveling one area often throws another area out of level.

  5. Return to the center of the mobile home and work out in the other direction. Follow the same procedure, adding or removing shims or adjusting the floor jacks.

  6. Return to the center and recheck the level of the entire mobile home, room by room. Make any necessary adjustments until the entire structure is level.

  7. Secure the tie-down straps once you determine the entire mobile home is level.


Make sure the jacks and cinder blocks that hold your mobile home are seated on a sturdy surface, like a concrete pad or a wooden base, rather than resting on the ground.

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