How to Steam Clean a Microfiber Couch Without Leaving Water Stains

Kelly Shetsky

Microfiber couches are touted as being able to repel dirt, soil and stains. The fabric is made of nylon, polyester and rayon. Sure, your couch may not get as dirty and grimy as other furniture in your home, but you will still need to steam clean it. Microfiber attracts pet hair and skin oils.

Remove dog hair from your microfiber couch with a lint roller before steam cleaning.

Use a steam cleaner to make it look as good as new -- and do so without leaving water stains.

  1. Vacuum the couch to remove debris and dirt from the surface. Remove the couch cushions and clean all sides as well as the nooks and crannies.

  2. Run a lint roller over the microfiber to remove pet hair. The hair should lift off the couch easily when it's dry. Once you wet it with the steam cleaner, the hair is harder to remove.

  3. Fill the chamber of the steam cleaner with water. Pour the recommended cleaner into the designated spout, following the manufacturer's directions.

  4. Run the upholstery attachment over a hidden part of the couch once the steam cleaner has warmed up. Spot testing looks for a reaction between the chemical and the microfiber. As you test for colorfastness, look for fading and deterioration of the material.

  5. Slide the upholstery tool over the front, sides and back of the couch cushions if the couch passed the spot test. Overlap each stroke so that all parts of the couch are cleaned. The cleaner will release from the steam cleaner each time you bring the brush back.

  6. Press the button and pull the tool backwards over the areas that are the most soiled. This will release more chemical cleaner on those spots (i.e. armrests). Do not over-saturate the couch, or you may cause water stains. Push the tool over the area several times to complete dry passes that suck up the moisture.

  7. Smooth the nap of the microfiber with a lint-free towel. Brush the towel over the cushions to eliminate the marks from the upholstery attachment.