How to Fix Mini Blinds With Tangled Cords

Mario Calhoun

Mini blinds function similarly to regular width blinds, as both operate through the use of a cord to increase or decrease the length of the window covering. Improper care of your blinds can cause tangles within the framework when the pull cords attached to the blinds are not simultaneously pulled.

Carefully untangle mini blind cords to restore use of the window treatment.

Tangled cords throughout the mini blinds increases the risk of permanent damage to the blinds since the cords can break individual slats or cause the entire window treatment to collapse if forcefully pulled.

  1. Free any slats that are tangled in the cords. Tilt the slats until all of them are flat to make it easier to work with the blinds and remove the tangles.

  2. Check the cord stop to ensure the pull cords are secure while pulling. The cord stop is a small plastic snap-on piece that holds the cords together to raise or lower the blinds. Raise the blinds, if possible, to make it easier to untangle the full length of the cords.

  3. Hold the bottom of the blinds and pull the cords to the left at a 45-degree angle to slowly lower the blinds one slat at a time. Lowering the blinds evenly ensures the cords within the framework are free of tangles.

  4. Wrap excess cord around the cord pulley or a nearby window handle to prevent loose cords from tangling throughout the blinds when not in use.