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How to Shorten Ready Made PVC Blinds

Pamela Gardapee

Ready made PVC blinds are constructed of sturdy and durable hard plastic, which is easy to clean and costs less than real wood or fabric blinds. Faux wood PVC blinds look like real wood and won't fade from the sun's ultra-violet rays. Ready made vertical and horizontal blinds come in standard sizes, but you can shorten them to fit your window, if necessary. Vertical and mini blinds are shortened in different ways.

Vertical PVC Blinds

Shorten Ready Made PVC Blinds
  1. Place one vertical vane in the clip, which is attached to the headrail and holds the vane in place. Use a pencil to make a small mark where you need to cut the blind to meet the length that you need. Remove the vane from the clip.

  2. Draw a line across the vane where your pencil mark is, using the ruler as a guide to make sure the line is straight. Use the scissors to cut the PVC vane. Place the vane in the clip again to check the length. If the length is correct, use this first vane as a template for the rest of the vanes.

  3. Place the template (first-cut vane) on each of the vanes, make a mark and cut with the scissors.

Horizontal PVC Blinds

  1. Lower the mini blind so that the bottom rail and blinds are showing. Lift up the bottom rail so you can see the underside. Use the butter knife to pry off the buttons. Use the tweezers to pull out the knotted lift cord and string ladder. Use the scissors to cut the knot off the lift cord. Depending on the width of the blind, there might be two to four lift cords and string ladders.

  2. Pull the lift cord out from the bottom rail from the topside. Continue pulling the lift cord out from each blind slat you need to remove to obtain the desired length. Slide the slats out of the string ladder on the right or left sides of the blind.

  3. Remove the bottom rail from the string ladder, and place it in the string ladder under what is now the bottom slat in the blind. Thread the lift cord through the top hole on the bottom rail so it comes out the bottom. Tie a loose knot in the lift cord close to the bottom rail. Do this for each lift cord, and make adjustments if the bottom rail is uneven. Once the bottom rail is even, tighten the knots.

  4. Cut off the leftover lift cord under the knot. Cut off extra string ladder, leaving at least two ladder insertions. Tuck the string ladder and the knotted lift cord into the hole on the bottom of the rail. Replace the buttons and snap into place.