How to Remove a Medeco Door Lock

Emily Beach

Medeco is a U.S.-based hardware manufacturer known for its high-security locksets. The company produces locks that are designed to resist picking and tampering.

These locks are similar to other brands when it comes to installation, as most of the high-security features are in the keyway and cylinder and not in the lock body itself. Medeco locks may require a bit of extra effort to remove, however, as they often have features not found on other types of locks.

Removing Medeco Knobs and Levers

  1. Look for a tiny pinhole on the interior side of the door handle. Straighten a paper clip and insert it into this hole. Apply a bit of pressure to the hole, and the lever or knob will pop off.

  2. Set the lever aside and look for a slight depression in the remaining lock trim. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into this depression to remove the trim, which will expose the inside of the lock body.

  3. Insert the Medeco lock removal pin into the lock body from the interior side of the opening. A release trigger is in the handle on the other side. Once you trigger this release, you can remove the exterior handle as well as the rest of the lockset by hand.

Removing Medeco Deadbolts

  1. Examine your deadbolt. If it has a thumbturn on the interior side, you have a single deadbolt. If it has a keyhole on the interior instead of a thumbturn, you have a double deadbolt.

  2. Remove single deadbolts by looking for a hole or depression on the interior side of the door. Insert a pin or screwdriver into the hole, depending on the size. This will release the thumbturn and surrounding trim. Once you remove the trim, use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the lock in place. You can remove the rest of the deadbolt lock by hand.

  3. Use a key to remove double deadbolts. From the interior side of the door, insert your key into the lock and turn it one-quarter turn. Keeping the key in this position, insert a pin or screwdriver into the hole or depression at the base of the lock. This will release the interior trim.

  4. Remove the key and the interior trim. Unscrew the fasteners on the interior side of the lock, then remove the rest of the lock by hand.