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How to Remove a Yale Mortise Lock

Nathan McGinty

Mortise locks are common in older homes, but they are also still frequently used in parts of the UK and Europe. These locks feature a slim casing that fits into the door from the side. Once in the door, the lock is secured from the inside face, as with other types of door locks. Yale manufactures a number of different mortise locks for use in both residential and commercial applications. Removal of a Yale nortise lock can be done by the DIYer without any specialized tools.

  1. Open the door containing the Yale mortise lock you wish to remove. Place a block of wood or doorstop in front of the door to keep it from closing all the way.

  2. Position yourself so that you are on the inside face of the door. You should see screws on the face of the mortise lock around the handle.

  3. Remove the screws on the inside face of the mortise lock. These screws can be long. Use a power drill and screwdriver attachment, if you have one, to make short work of unscrewing.

  4. Pull the door lock face off the door once the screws are removed. Open the door so you can see the lock face on the outside of the door. Grab this by the door handle and pull straight toward you to remove.

  5. Swing the door so you can look at the mortise lock from the side. Use the screwdriver/drill to remove the screws on the side of the mortise lock. Pull off the facing plate and any other hardware that the screws may be holding in place.

  6. Pull the body of the mortise lock out of the side of the door.